Dusk Till Dawn17th March
Yorkshire Ghost Hunts7th April
Haunted Happenings13th April
Haunted Happenings13th July
Haunted Happenings26th October
Dusk Till Dawn Events27th October

Paranormal Nights in Revesby Abbey Basements

Haunted Happenings27th
Paranormal Eye3rd June
Yorkshire Ghost Hunts9th
UK Ghost Hunts10th June
MSI Paranormal8th
Dusk Till Dawn Events5th
Really Haunted12th
Dare to investigate19th August
Lincolnshire Ghost Nights25th
Uk Ghost Hunts16th September
Paranormal Eye23rd September
S.P.I21st October
Haunted Happenings 27th
Ghostly Investigations    28th October
Enigma Experiment11th November
Really Haunted18th

Here is the current list of upcoming Paranormal events at Revesby Abbey Basements:

Revesby Abbey


This list is updated regularly with new dates.

The basements of Revesby Abbey are fast becoming one of the best venues for Paranormal Activity in the country. The basements would have been a hive of activity with over 40 Servants passing through them daily, for over 100 years. All of the Paranormal nights here at Revesby Abbey are covered by Public liability insurance provided by the Paranormal Group.

While the restoration is ongoing we have decided Paranormal nights will be a good fit as they are very unobtrusive to our restoration work in the day time. 

If you would like to book a night here at Revesby Abbey Basements for your Paranormal group please contact us at :

Country House Restoration