Country House Restoration

Revesby Abbey

  • Drawing Room Fireplace 

  • Library Fireplace

  • Library Carvings including carved Angels 

  • Dining Room door surround

  • Fireplace inscribed with "James Banks Stanhope, Builder of this house

  • And Much Much More...

Can you help recover history?

Of course you can. We always love to hear from people who admire this building and think, just as we do, that it is more than worthy of being restored. We have heard from many people, some want to return an object taken from the Abbey years ago, from door handles to curtains, many things have been returned to building. Some have photos we have never seen before (there are very few photos of the Abbey surprisingly) and some have stories to tell.

As mentioned above many things were stolen from the Abbey before we took ownership and we would love these to be put back where they once were. Not all things were stolen though, in 1953 there was a sale to sell the vast majority of the Abbey's contents and we have the sales catalogue. We would love to just even see the objects so that the restoration can be even more faithful to it's original state. We hope to upload a PDF file of the sale catalogue soon. 

Here is a list of some of the objects that we KNOW of (many we do not know of).

Grinling Gibbons style Carvings from Stairway X2                                                         'The Tree of Life' Fireplace, From Entrance Hall                   Stolen Circa 1997